Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Change Has Come!!!! Obama Election Party-Phx, AZ.


Angela said...

Hello Gena,
In process of researching natural haircare products, I stumbled onto your blog. Your hair is beautiful...just beautiful. I am a mid-30's mother in the insurance business. I'm currently wearing my hair presses but in the process of putting my hair back in the two strand twist. I have 4 a/b hair type an interested in the sister locks. I live in the Kansas City area and have not seen anyone with such a beautiful hair style. Would you mind providing information on how you found someone to do your locs, if the process is expensive and if this style is permanent for you?


Gena said...

Hi Angela,
Thanks for the compliments! I found someone from the www.sisterlocks.com website that was certified. Also, I got recommendations for others who hair she actually started. I went with the word of mouth consultant. I did actually have two consultant put in sample locks, but the first consultant had no pictures or anyone that could recommend her. Although, she did a good job on the sample locks...I was very cautious after hearing the horrible stories. My hair was about 11ins. It cost a good penny, not as expensive as some, however, you save on the other end with products, etc... This is permanent for me, and I love it. Everyday, I get compliments or people staring men/women asking, "Is that twist?". I did the pressing for a little while, but that change the chemical structure of your hair too. You can start the sisterlocks with a perm. I never in my wildest dreams that I would have locs, but it was a good decision, if fits my lifestyle. Good luck. Hope this helped.

My Transitional Days

Below are some pics of me back in the days. Well, actually it's been a little over a year since I've been natural. I received my first perm at age 13. I will never forget that day; I was so excited because it symbolized back then I was growing up. Over the years, I had many experiences bad and good with perms. The idea of going natural was out of the questions because I had no idea how to take care of natural hair. I was definitely brainwashed to believe natural hair is difficult to manage, and I wasn't aware of the different label texture types. Before my awakening, natural to me was associated with nappy and ugly. However, relocating to AZ, initiated my natural liberation because it was very frustrating finding a hair stylist and the dry heat in AZ was bad for my hair. My hair was always dry, hard, and started to break. It didn't look healthy, so I desperately needed a change. I decided to let the perm grow out but the transition wasn't easy. I transitioned with kinky twist, individual braids, press and curl. I noticed that the edges of my hair were breaking because of the tight braids. After getting frustrated again, I did my homework and found natural websites with loads of information and that was the beginning of my relationship with my natural hair. I cut the perm off, order books, and was empowered to begin taking care of my hair.