Monday, March 31, 2008

Old days and Beginning of my Natural Journey

sample sisterlocks

I am counting down the days until I am officially part of the sisterlock family. During my natural discovery, I learned to love my hair. Through all my research and lurking on different blogs and lockitup I am inspired to take the next step. I had two consultations, and sample locks from both consultants. I actually found two consultants that I really like and would trust to start my locks. However, my second consultation wasn't scheduled or planned. I was visiting my family in DC and was expressing to my cousin that I was strongly thinking about sisterlocks. Well, it's been about a year, and she had sisterlocks and was going the next day for retightened class and invited me to come along. Well, they said word of mouth is the best, and she talked highly about her consultant. I was very surprised that she agreed to see me on such short notice, and very impressed with her professionalism, her cozy setting, and spirit. She had pictures of other sisterlock family members, magazines, supplies etc… I decided to start my sisterlock with Robin Mitchell, my second consultant. Robin gave me information to take home, and a receipt. She also later emailed me her pricelist of services and informed me that we will have continental breakfast setup along with light refreshments throughout the day, and together we will think of something for dinner. Did I mention because I am from out of town, and she resides 45 minutes outside DC, she offered me to stay in her guest room. I thought she goes up and beyond the call of service. My installation will be over two days, April 13-14. I am looking forward to starting my journey. As my consultant stated, “Sisterlocks is not only a change in your lifestyle, it also brings you into a Sisterhood”.

My Transitional Days

Below are some pics of me back in the days. Well, actually it's been a little over a year since I've been natural. I received my first perm at age 13. I will never forget that day; I was so excited because it symbolized back then I was growing up. Over the years, I had many experiences bad and good with perms. The idea of going natural was out of the questions because I had no idea how to take care of natural hair. I was definitely brainwashed to believe natural hair is difficult to manage, and I wasn't aware of the different label texture types. Before my awakening, natural to me was associated with nappy and ugly. However, relocating to AZ, initiated my natural liberation because it was very frustrating finding a hair stylist and the dry heat in AZ was bad for my hair. My hair was always dry, hard, and started to break. It didn't look healthy, so I desperately needed a change. I decided to let the perm grow out but the transition wasn't easy. I transitioned with kinky twist, individual braids, press and curl. I noticed that the edges of my hair were breaking because of the tight braids. After getting frustrated again, I did my homework and found natural websites with loads of information and that was the beginning of my relationship with my natural hair. I cut the perm off, order books, and was empowered to begin taking care of my hair.