Saturday, May 17, 2008

2nd Wash Before My 1st Retightening

Ok, my second wash was 3 wks of being sisterlocked. I had the hardest time as mentioned before with the rubberbands, and this time when I tried to cut the bands off…I cut my hair by accident. So, I will not be using rubberbands anymore. Below are pictures after my second wash.


Charity said...

OMG I would have just about had a heart attack cutting off my hair. I have that same fear when I cute the rubber bands of so now I try to undo them or put them on loosely. I'm sure you will figure out another way.

Gena said...

Hi Charity, I did buy some other ties for banding. I will post soon.

foxydiva said...

I am so glad to find your blog. I have natural ends as well and they look, well, kinda jacked up. I was just installed 3 days ago. But your pics give me hope these dry sumanas will curl up and look cute in a lil bit.

My Transitional Days

Below are some pics of me back in the days. Well, actually it's been a little over a year since I've been natural. I received my first perm at age 13. I will never forget that day; I was so excited because it symbolized back then I was growing up. Over the years, I had many experiences bad and good with perms. The idea of going natural was out of the questions because I had no idea how to take care of natural hair. I was definitely brainwashed to believe natural hair is difficult to manage, and I wasn't aware of the different label texture types. Before my awakening, natural to me was associated with nappy and ugly. However, relocating to AZ, initiated my natural liberation because it was very frustrating finding a hair stylist and the dry heat in AZ was bad for my hair. My hair was always dry, hard, and started to break. It didn't look healthy, so I desperately needed a change. I decided to let the perm grow out but the transition wasn't easy. I transitioned with kinky twist, individual braids, press and curl. I noticed that the edges of my hair were breaking because of the tight braids. After getting frustrated again, I did my homework and found natural websites with loads of information and that was the beginning of my relationship with my natural hair. I cut the perm off, order books, and was empowered to begin taking care of my hair.